The top tractor chipper WT 10 XL Z 
with hinged wood splitter

Power requirement tractor:
Feed width:
Feed height: 
Chopping output:
270-400 PS
98 cm
75 cm
upto 180 loose cubic metres/hour

Top 3 features:

  • High-quality wood chips
  • Process control CAN-BUS system for all functions
  • Aggressive feed

Quality and efficiency have always characterised the “Wood-Terminator” wood chippers. 

Mus-Max’s Powerteam is constantly working on even better technical solutions for the hackers. With the new hydraulically driven blower one is again one step further.

GF Ing. Robert Urch : “It’s clear to us: we can only convince real professionals with perfect technology. In this WT 10 XL Z a hydraulic blower was built up, so that the speed can be infinitely adjusted (slowly with logs and faster with shrubs and wood processor waste). So the quality of the chips stays in order. “

There are good reasons why this machine has an “XL” in its designation: a larger roll diameter, a more aggressive, powerful feeder (98 x 75 cm), split screens which facilitate easy screen changes, a stronger intake belt, a service life of up to 5,000 hours and a new multifunction rotor (the use of wider blades or cleavers is possible). The intake belt of the tractor chipper WT 10 XL Z is 2.7 m long. As a result, the 4 m logs remain attached to the belt during crane loading and do not fall from the feed table to the ground. The machine is controlled via the control box with a clear color display. The remote control has a faster, load-dependent band control. The faster switching function produces clean, lumpy, more square chips. Since the hacker control system works fully automatically, the crane driver can concentrate fully on the feeding work, which means more throughput of wood chips is achieved (up to 200 Srm / h). The customer Schanner works with a tractor Claas Xerion with 530 HP, in addition a log splitter was built on the hacker. With this professional hacking equipment, leftover pieces do not remain on any turfing place.

Wood Terminator 10 XL Z In Action…

Technical data WT 10 XL Z

Feed Opening (w x h)98cm x 75cm
Tree Diameter max.75cm
Chopping Output up to max.180 Cubic Metres/Hour
Chopping knives or blades5 /10 / 12 off
Screen Surface1.70m²
Ejection Height max.5.2m
Throw Width max. approx.15m
Machine Dimensions (l/w)6m/2.50m
Gross Weight from12.5t
Gross Weight inc Crane15t
Feed Chain with Roller2.7m
Power Requirement of Tractor270-400HP
PTO Speed750 or 1000RPM