A trend setting concept!

Mus-Max Hack Trucks are High-tech mobile wood choppers that are simply unbeatable with regard to chopping output, wood chip quality, cost efficiency and mobility

Based on the WT 8 XL, WT 9 XL, WT 10 XL, WT 11 and WT 12, the Mus-Max Hack Trucks are well equipped to generate chopping outputs of up-to 200 loose cubic meter an hour.

The Hack-Truck has a narrow turning radius providing you with a more agile machine out in the field, making it easier to manoeuvre from one chopping stand point to the next.

One big advantage of the truck is the driving speed of 80km/h. Making the hack-truck suitable for driving on motorways and lets you get to your customers as quickly as possible. That saves you time… and saving time… saves you money.